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S3E03. UPDATED: Cabela Made Their Choice, Now We Make Ours

January 27, 2022 Kevin Season 3 Episode 3
WIV Reports
S3E03. UPDATED: Cabela Made Their Choice, Now We Make Ours
Show Notes

UPDATE: I am seeing controversies around the article I saw and reported on about Cabela's, so I decided to start calling around.

I called yesterday and they stated they will ask for proof of vaccination and also mask for employees and read their corporate website. So I believed the article to be true.

Face Coverings they Enforce

Providing face coverings for our team members

While current health requirements vary by state, we’re requiring all customer-facing Outfitters to wear face coverings inside our U.S. retail stores. Customers are not required to wear face coverings at this time, unless mandated by local regulations.


Vaccines I got mixed responses from employees, so I called this number 1-800-237-4444 yesterday and today and spoke with two different employees. Yesterday I was told stated they were going to require it, but today they stated they will encourage it. Seems like they need to get their story straight.

Next I decided to call the Kalispell, and they confirmed they were going to push it until SCOTUS overruled.

All stores are recommending their employees take the shot, but withdrew enforcement at this time.

Report 48, "Cabela Made Their Choice, Now We Make Ours."

In this report, we dig into the tyranny pushed by once American companies.  It's seems they wish to push experimental procedures and use OSHA as their weapon even when SCOTUS stated otherwise. 

Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the report.


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