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Ep9: 5G and Digital ID in Lock Step

April 12, 2020 Kevin Season 1 Episode 9
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Ep9: 5G and Digital ID in Lock Step
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In episode #9, "5G and Digital ID in Lock Step," I will discuss how 5G will bring about digital ids, currencies and tighter government control over our everyday life. This is a follow up to episode 8 as we continue with the mantra of, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

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walking first, Ernie, we're gonna explore history Current events for poetry and prose. Sit back. Come along for the ride. Hello. Welcome back. Me kept Today is April 12th 2020 and this is episode number nine and we're going to cover digital I. D s digital currencies and five G because without five g, you cannot do digital I D or currencies at scale. But before I start, I want to go over something that I found that was written back in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation titled Lock Step. And this was a scenario about a pandemic outbreak. And it was talking about how tighter top down government control an authoritarian leadership would also have limited innovation and growing citizen pushback and a place this pandemic in 2012. They talk about how, unlike the h one n one in 2009 there was a new strain which was extremely deadly. It had a high infection rate and that nearly 20% of the global population were infected with this strain, killing eight million people in seven months. It also discusses how this had a horrible effect on economies, international mobility above people and goods. It pretty much stopped like we're seeing today and destroying industries like tourism again. Interesting, right and supply chain's broken where you they say how stores and buildings were just empty for months. There was no people on the customers, nothing. And that's exactly what we're seeing right now. It continues on and talks how a pandemic covered the planet. The virus spread like wildfire around the world because there's a lack of containment protocols. And then, of course, the praises China sound familiar? How they had a quick in position and enforcement of mandatory quarantine of all citizens, and by selling off all the borders, they saved millions of lives, right? Think about that. And what's happening today in United States and around the world. Quarantine of all citizens and borders being shut off. It continues on and states how national leaders from around the world flex their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions. Now, in United States, we're seeing people not even allowed to gathered to go to church, really being fined. They're being in certain states, not allowed to go see the neighbor just across the street, or they'll be fined, and the other states that are run by Democrats and the governors are enforcing all kinds of tyrannical orders. They're not constitutional, but that is another podcast in this article continues on Or this presentation says, that some of the restrictions were mandatory, wearing a face mask to body temperature checks at entries such as train stations and supermarkets right now, today, at plants for food like, say, places were the do dairy or or manufacturing places that they were using infrared to take your temperature. I find that to be quite interesting and then talks how to protect themselves from these pandemics, that leaders around the world will take a firmer grip on power. Basically, we take away your rights and then attacks about how citizens wilfully gave up some of their sovereignty and the privacy to aim or parent type of state exchange for greater safety and stability. And that's exactly what we're seeing today. And it carries, Honest says, how many developed countries enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and importantly, economic growth. Now what do you hear coming out right now, the media from people like Bill Gates, digital ID's digital papers, digital passports, right, new sweeping regulations to reopen the country to continue on with the economic growth. So it's almost as a what we're seeing today was already written in this scenario back in 2010. And if anyone here is the singing is familiar with the event to a one again, the same type of thing. Back in New York, there was a conference about a Corona virus outbreak. Anyway, the article then talks about how there's technology trends and applications that we might see with these pandemics, as some of them were facial recognition in order to detect moral behavior that may indicate anti social intent. And that is enabled by five G right with facial recognition and technologies called F M R. I looked at a another one was a new diagnostic are developed to detect communicable diseases, and, they say, how screening become the prerequisite to release from prison or from a hospital again, that's digital ideas with five g to do the skill. The next point was telepresence technologies. As today, we're seeing doctors doing tucked ella um, presence for seeing how you're doing rightto look at your overall quickly during this pandemic and again there. Talk about how it telepresence is less expensive. Lower band with sophisticated communications systems for populations who travel is restricted again. That is a key of five g. Phi G gives you lower costs with low latency, uh, without the ability to move data at massive scale. In the last point that, they pointed out, was driven by protectionism. Announced the security concerns. Nations create their own independent, regionally defined 18 networks mimicking China's far wall. That is censorship. And what have we seen during this pandemic? Facebook, Google networks, media Basically just outright blocking Certain things don't go along with the narrative, even Twitter. I'm seeing a certain accounts of being blacklisted, banned because they're saying things that does not go along with the narrative yet is proven to be factual. And this whole thing with this lock step was funded by whom, who were the founders or the partners? Is a better term Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Business Network. There's a guy by the name of Andrew Blah who also is part of the wheat of data. Look up. That may be a chance. Michael Free Michael Free is a guy out of Seattle. And he's in the bio engineering expert in pulmonary diseases and ammonia. Child mortality rates, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetes immunizations. Now what is carnivorous about? It's affecting the lungs, right? Chronic diseases. It effects. It has, AH, high mortality rate with certain individuals was certain underlying conditions. And then this person is also part of the W. H. O. And he create a company called Path Path is an open source told the Hub governments track and monitor diseases, and recently it has a new model for Kobe. At 19 I thought that was interesting. And again he does again work with the Gates Foundation. So it says PATH is committed to building partnerships with private for profit sector to solve special health care unease in the developing world. Right? And when I looked a path, it was really around Vaccines in digital health and the statement from vaccines did it that we bring together public and private sector partners to advance vaccines through every stage of development, from discovery through delivery, we create ingenious technologies and strategies to help countries get them all the way to the people who need them. Brain digital health. We have country developed scale digital technologies that would be with five G. If you need to have a way to track people in real time for a disease spread, you need five G to move data that lowly see one millisecond to most second response times. And the reason for this is a so no child misses a vaccine and that every health care worker is empowered to track and treat sick patients and precious health resource is go where they're needed most empowered to track best digital I d. Right. So they want to have everybody have a vaccine where puts a little, uh, tattoo under the skin, like on a dog so you could be tracked, and then we're gonna go by dates here. So in 20 19 of September 20th there's an article called Ivy 2020 a partner launch program to provide digital I D. With vaccines, right, there we go. The idea 2020 louse has launched a new digital identity program as annual sum in New York in collaboration with the government of Bangladesh Vaccine Alliance and Gabby and new partners in government, academia and humanitarian relief. Digital identity is a computerized record of who a person is stored in the registry now that their ties into Blockchain by G and it's something called a digital ledger Look that up, the article says, that is used in this case to keep track of who has received vaccines. So basically, what this means is that for your entire life in this Blockchain, they'll know everything that you have and last say, if the law passes in the future, Worth says that you cannot come to work If you don't have this vaccine now, they're gonna know the work will know because they're tied into a central system which corporations can access as part of a health plan for national security or whatever thing they want to make it. So you guess what, No vaccine. You're not working, that's where it's going. And then it talks about how the I D 2020 also announced new partnership and provides progress reports and initiatives launched last year. It was done with the city of Austin, Texas, and U. C. Berkeley's Citrus Policy Lab and CARE USA. So they actually did a roll out of this test in the city of Austin last year, and it talks about how they actually tested on homeless people with the platform called my past. And my past, they said, was to enable homeless people with her own data identity convenient. And it also mentioned how that it was blocked. Chain enabled digital Denny platform some. My pass is blocked. Chain. Okay. That an article I found October 31st 2019. It was titled Austin Helps Homeless Bridge. The Digital Divide. And the part that I found was interesting in this article was how that the my pass or the idea would hold information such as your Social Security number, your criminal justice record. Now, how does that have to do with vaccines? Doesn't so they have your criminal records on this thing and all your medical history and in the city is working with technology partners to create what might event You look like a digital public notary. And that was from the chief city innovation officer named Carrie O'Connor, the corrupt. Now, when you look at these platform joy, look who's funding them. And for I d 2020 I want I did a little digging. I looked at some of the partners, the founding partners, and they were Gabby Vaccine Alliance. So again, vaccines, A centuries, centuries of Saleh based company and, again, the tide of Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation. Lockstep 2020. We're sorry locks to have not 2020 done in 2010. Microsoft. I respond there. A digital identity company. Hyper ledger there, blocking semi prints, a biometric fingerprint. So when you look at who are fun in these platforms or these projects, it all really ties back into Bill Gates bill among the Gates Foundation. Rockefeller's a century. It's all vaccines. The vaccine is a digital tracking. I'll continue on here. Then we're going to start with, um, January 29th 2020. And this article by PATH called using A I to advance the health of people and communities around the world. On January 29th Path joined Microsoft the launch of a new A I for health initiative. So look up and you get a chance. Who partners with a eye for health initiative by Microsoft? You'll be surprised, and the article says that path we harness the power of frontier technology like a I to create actionable help insights. So basically, by tracking you and seeing what you're doing, they can have an action or an alert actionable right by new technology that health system streamline and they'll streamlined out by using Blockchain. If I g right, that's how they make it more efficient, designed novel approaches to monitoring and diagnosing and treating diseases. And how do you do that by collecting everyone's data again? Us. A. Blockchain. It's distributed Global Ledger, and this partnership is with Microsoft to further our ability to leverage a i. A. I is basically artificial intelligence to accelerate past Ford to health equity continue ons and talks about how you know their work with Microsoft. Whether the artificial intelligence and then they wanna have their ultimate goal is to improve the way that it'll ever care, which is by vaccines only when every community has the opportunity to transform their health. All humanity advance. That's by the chief data Officer of Path Jeff Burton said that so whether Prem it's saying, is that in order to make sure the whole world is okay, everybody needs their vaccine. Well, first of all, I don't trust Bill Gates. If you look with this man's about he he's a criminal, I'll come out right and say he is a criminal against humanity. Him, uh, people like Soros looked him up. You don't have to believe me. You know, you have to believe a word that I'm saying. You need to go to your own research and look at what these people are tied to. Look at what they're doing. Looking what? There's listen to what they're saying. Listen to their own words. Don't listen to me. Listen to them now, with all that being said on March 11th 2020 there is an other platform created called the Cove at Action Platform. And this is an international organization, a public slash private cooperation between the world economic form, the World Health Organization, and again, Bill Gates is a second largest funder of the World Health Organization. You need to remember that, right of all the money and these covert action platform has three priorities, one is to shock the global business community for the collective action. How do you shock somebody? Pandemics crisis, global supply chain issues terrorism, right? But that's what they want. Do they want to shock the business global business community for a collective action to make sure that everybody works together for the collective good, which is fascism, by the way, socialism. They want to protect people's livelihoods and facilitate business continuity. How do you do that? Digital currencies. If you have a digital currencies, then guess what you could protect people's lives. You can facilitate business to continue because nothing will effective is digital with the Blockchain and three mobilized cooperation and business support for the Cove at 19. Response. All right now we're gonna get into there's a lot to cover now make it into the digital currency issue. So on London in London on March 12 2020 and article came out titled The Bank of England's Debating whether to issue digital Currencies. Okay, At the top of the article, it said that U K officials published a discussion paper about the possibility of issuing a digital pound sterling, adding to the debate among central banks about how to respond to declining cash usage at the bottom of the article. And that's the one thing, too. When you read articles, I would really advise you to always read to the bottom or just jumped to the middle to the bottom because they put little nuggets at the bottom. But you, you will not find the top because the topics for Clickbait and then the the first paragraph usually pushes air narrative. But then the truth sometimes can be found near the bottom. So what's going on at the bottom, it says. In the meantime, China is reportedly among the most advanced countries. Wanna comment to a crate in a digital currency? It has been suggested that a digital ren mini B could make the currency more attractive internationally, eventually undermining existing reserve currencies. What they're saying is that they want to compete against the U. S. Dollars or other currencies. It's war. It's a war of digital currencies. That is what's really going on. And in order to really push this desert currency by G's is required at a global scale. And when you remember the last podcast, we covered how satellites are now being used, and almost every single country just thrown up five G at a rate is just unprecedented. So keep that in mind. No. I came across another article on 3 12 20 It was called five G on brink of widespread adoption, says GSM. A report in the article states this in the real appeal of all three little agency. Remember how above earlier in the lock step Lacey was a requirement, especially with PATH and these other companies? That was one of the things that they said they need. It was low latency. So we're gonna repeat it in the real appeal and alter a little agency. Five deep promises to reduce the time it takes for a device to send a command to a server and get a reply from 50 milliseconds on four G to under one millisecond. Remember I said that one millisecond to two milliseconds. That's what my daddy will do. It will allow them to track in a real time. So it says that, um, hi. Legacy has been the key barrier to adoption of Io ti by Otis Sensors. And the arrival of five G is expected to supercharge the rollout of connected devices. So again, drones, robotics, things of that nature between 2019 and 2025 the number of global I ot connections will more than double top 25 billion, while global I'll t revenue will more than triple toe $1.1 trillion. That's what the report says, and it continues on and you know you know how, like in the growth starts say, you see, a lot of people now are doing self checkout house wiping out jobs well, five. Deal. Remove even more jobs. It discusses how devices will be able to swap data between themselves and eventually even pay each other and micro transactions. So, for example, they say, and I've actually I've seen some of the stuff enough this actual case that we're talking about, but I've seen other things. It says that this could include autonomous vehicle by fuel, so that's a good a self driving car. You can go to the gas station, fuel up for itself and come back without human interaction. Clothing store. You could walk into a store, walk out without making a payment, because when you walk out your scanned and your debit it right, your your charge, um, smart traffic. So I say you run a red light, you have ticket. What's happy now to anyway? Especially around Seattle? If you go through a stoplight, you're gonna get ticket. But this will even go further because on smart cars or cars with dangles like with insurance companies that they contracted say your speed to see how you're a driver. Rescued. I'm, but they could have it to where you could have every vehicle connected to where, If you speed, take it automatically. You go over one mile an hour. Take it doesn't matter your track. You know your locations and you will be ticketed. And I have worked on use cases personally where you could, um, see were you know, somebody's at and reroute in real time. Cora. You could look at the different sensors on a vehicle to see how it is hailing on the road or the conditions you could predict, say, a no, something that could happen based on historical data. The point being is is not good, but five g enables us to do things that we never could have room to before and in the wrong hands is dangerous. That's a fact, not an opinion. And another article. 3 16 More 16th. Remember how in the last podcast we talked about technology called photonic? Well, it's coming up again. Mar. 16 2020 Researchers selected to pursue photonic singling for microelectronic system's scalability. This is the DARPA program, right? And before the issue was laying see fi g enables us and the paragraph I'm going to read says this by targeting challenging goals for signaling efficiency And Ban with Density by G pipes seeks to enable disruptive system's scalability and new system architectures capable of supporting emerging data intensive applications for the commercial and defense industries. This is surveillance video surveillance, facial recognitions, drones tracking us so forth. And the article continues on and discusses how they have invested 1.5 billion in the future of domestic U. S. Government and defense. Elektronik Systems. Interesting. A lot of money being invested for domestic government electronic systems. This is surveillance. This is digital identities. This is tracking. Then, in March 17th 2020 another interesting article broke out again. Remember that around the world right now, we're launching five G everywhere. Pakistan, China and Russia decided to conduct trade in local currencies, skipped the dollar and it talks how a eight member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the S E O, including China, Russian Pakistan, had made the principal decision to conduct bilateral trade and investment an issue bonds and local and national currencies instead of us dollars. And remember in lockstep it talks about, um, run over, Mr. Not by talked about global economies, national economies. You're seeing it right here. And then it says how all member states will sign a roadmap for trade and investments in national currencies between member states. Then, in March 18th 2020 the day after this article comes out with Bill Gates, Bill Gates calls for a national tracking system for Corona virus. During reading AM a. Remember the project called Path Again? One day he backs does just that, and he also had the Cove ad platform right again does just that. Tracking and everything else. Gays call for a national tracking system similar to South Korea. Okay, and then even discuss how Dr Fashion him, Dr Fashion him, um, are in agreement on certain points and also about vaccinations. Eso, Foschi Gates, this tracking These guys were all together. Let me read the quote exactly for the doctor Fascist. I don't I'm not misquoted here. It's a Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, this week said that mass production of a vaccine will likely not occur for another 12 18 months, and Gate concurred, saying that lots of manufacturer will need to be built to provide billions of vaccine to protect the world, that the first vaccines, which would go to health care workers and critical workers, could happen before 18 months if everything goes well. But we and fascia and others are being careful not to promise this when we are not sure. So was killing me about this whole thing is they're pushing vaccine, digital identity, digital papers, digital passports, digital everything right. Use the fearmongering. You don't take it. You know you're gonna die. Whatever. Yet we're seeing that the malaria drugs are actually working. So consider what you're being told and to your logical reasoning, to think for yourselves. Okay, because this media today is just completely out of control. That in March 19th 2020 my son of the Argo called open source software tools help government monitor Cove at 19 and this again goes back to path. And they called the sore mas project. It's a surveillance outbreak response, management and analysis system. Surveillance is so you keep here and also the media about about surveillance with Thea breaks, and it's a tool proto by path led digital Square, Initiate Initiative and Digital Square. It's funded by the United States Agency for International Development and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Again, you guys are all behind digital tracking digital I D. Digital everything. Then, on 3 22 20 another article comes out and says, Well, Cove at 19 spread the transition to digital currency. And again, this article talks how the World Health Organization is saying that bank notes whether made a paper polymer, cotton and linen, as in the case with US dollar can carry the virus. This is confirmed by the World Health Organization and recent comments to the Telegraph and in a study from Germany, which found that krona buyers can survive on notes, coins, plastic, six jurors or a T. M's for several days and again, who funds the Pho Bill Gates is the second largest, largest funder of the W H o right context. Keep everything in context. March 24th 2020. The pandemic gives digital currencies and have a chance to shine. Unlike cash, Dido currencies would not be a potential source of virus transmission or require people to overlook social distancing when making a payment continues on and says that the central bank digital currency would allow the government to spend would allow the government to send money directly to the population is part of the stimulus plan without having to mel checks and companies like Google and Facebook our position to come up with a, uh, option in the short run Google and Facebook. Okay, we'll get to them later. Another article came out on March 27th 2020. Titles. Five G rollout gets further legislative push, and the two bills are cold. One secure five g and Beyond Act, and everyone is Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability Act. And the reason they're pushing for it is at least without telling you, is because teleworking and learning from home in response to the Corona virus pandemic never let a good crisis go to waste. Remember that statement announce a strategy? Is this taking shape? As all amount of interactions go online, telemedicine is taking root. Tens of 1,000,000 of school Children are learning via online classes. I love how they use kids all the time. Another article comes out on March 30th 2020 Title Digital Dollar Project Forms Advisory Group for US digital currency. It discusses how 22 members of this group, um, are going to help establish the framework for a central A U. S Central bank digital currency and is was basically be informed by the Democrats in both the U. S. Congress, the Senate, and they're pushing their pushing a bill for a stimulus package which I believe was not pushed through. And it was really around a digital global economy. It goes on talks how they want a effective global financial system. And they're working on a project called the Digital Dollar Project, with a white paper to release in the next month or two, and other countries looking a digital currencies are China, France, Sweden, Canada and the U. K. So again, this whole five d push, I believe, is really a way to implement digital currencies, a scale as well as digital identities with Blockchain. On March 30th 2020 another article came out titled China is Drafting Laws for the Circulation of National Digital Currency, and this is an interesting article. Actually, it says how ah, the China has development of the nation's central bank digital currency. The central bank is now drafting legislation for its circulation. And there's also a number of patents to reveal with the digital yen Well, look like and the members or the company's working with them on This is Alibaba Whywe China Merchant Banks and a company called 10 Cent. I've never heard that one before. Another patent will cover areas of digital currencies, including insurance transaction recording, digital wallets, anonymous trading support and assistance, and supervising and dealing with illegal accounts. Again, five G and Blockchain enable all of this and remember to in Wuhan there were the first place to roll out five gs scale. So keep that in mind, they they are ahead of the game here. I mean, they already have five GM place Russia don't as well, by the way, they're trying to push the five G in place to have their currency by 2024. Think that's what date was? It's my last podcast. You can look it up, and I have references to all the articles as well. You know, you look up for yourself and read one of the patterns that have is called Implementation Elektronik equipment of C B D. C. Transactions that was publicized on February 21st. And so they are really working hard to get this thing locked down with patents and just implemented, you know, worldwide. They want to make their currency the standard going forward. Now what really bothered me was anarchy. Lice on April 10th just two days ago is called Apple Google. Bring Kovac contact tracing to three billion people This kind of long, but I'm just gonna read says. It says Apple and Google unveiled a rare partnership to add technology to your smartphone platforms, and it will alert users if they've come in contact with someone With Cove at. This is dangerous because you could alert for anything if somebody has HIV. If somebody has cancer, if somebody has, I don't know a different political view. If somebody is not part of your party, they can be notified and the technology they want to use called contact trace. And that's exactly what contract tracing does is that is used for HIV Corona virus now. So if you're in contact with somebody or close because Senate alert, like you know, and then also can't say hey, by the way, since you been in contact with the person you should be put in quarantine or put yourself in self quarantine for whatever it is, and it will then also alert the authorities. The article talks in there, Venus says. It says this period could be 14 days, but health agencies cassette the time range. The second step takes longer where they say, how they want to actually add this to the operating system itself. So they want to put this tracking thing in IOS and endures, and they then will have access to three billion people. That's 1/3 of the population. Um, it will use Bluetooth. And then they go on to say how the smart foreign sends a record of other mobile devices and the other multiple devices that have been in close proximity during the previous days. This information is temporarily store. Let me tell you something temporary Google. Nothing's temporary with Apple or Google. They keep information for ever. I don't care what they tell you. I'll tell you why I say that in a minute. I'm smart. Phone sends records to the other mobile devices that have been in close proximity during the previous day. This information is temporary, stored in the remote computer server for 14 days. I want you just to Google, um, Google privacy concerns and Apple privacy concerns. And when I found when I typed it in for these articles for Google New Mexico ciousgoogle over Children's privacy violations February 20th. Google faced 18 million Fine For what? Privacy violations? All right, Google accused of privacy violations Yet again, I was on March 2011. Google still doesn't care about your privacy in from Fortune magazine of 2017 Apple. Now Apple hit with a lawsuit claiming privacy violation. 2019. Apple is sharing your face with APS. That's a new privacy. 2017 Apple violation of privacy and policy Finishing scam. 2018. Apple sued over alleged iTunes privacy violation. 2019. Apple apologizes for a Serie spying pledges. Privacy fixes. So I would not trust Google or apples, far as I could throw them. And with that, I want to just go back to Microsoft a iro quick. And if you look at their partners, you just follow it. You know, just just go to the page like a partners and to start tracing it back. But one company's called Nova Trist Foundation, who also partners with the Clinton Health Initiative, half CDC foundation, the who so forth. And I'm telling you, man, the things they're trying to do with his pandemic is to push you being tracked. Everywhere you go, your smartphone is not your friend anymore. This is going to be used to alert authorities, alert people if you have, say, of virus or someone that they don't like politically. This is very dangerous, especially with the people who are running it just this very dangerous in the wrong hands. And with that said, I'm going to read a poem that I wrote. This is actually for my book called Firestorm, but I think that it really has a lot of weight, especially with everything that's going on today. Rise up. Don't bend the knee better dead. They're not living free. Political tyrants Forced control. It should duty not to fold. Tyrants rise when free men sleep, rather holding in unity. It's better to die upon your feet than live dying in the street. Red lines from sea to sea is the tyrants warm, wet dream to control all men's life. A butcher with a knife do as they say, not as they do This is the mantra of the utopian goon 19 thirties. Had his day 2020 politicians at play. Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed it. And if you wanna keep it, the date we're taking my book Firestorm, it's on Kindle Limited. Or you could get a paper back at Link Tree. L i N k t r dot e four slash walk in verse s w a l k i N v e r S e And until next time, everyone be safe and peace.