Walk In Verse

S4E1: Government Doesn't Need to Ban Natural Gas, They'll Tax You Into Compliance

January 16, 2023 Kevin Season 4 Episode 1
Walk In Verse
S4E1: Government Doesn't Need to Ban Natural Gas, They'll Tax You Into Compliance
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In this report, we're going to hear Ron DeSantis state, “he will never allow Florida to give up their gas stoves.” 

But what he doesn't say is what’s concerning. 

  1. The federal government can tax you until you can no longer afford to use your gas stove, or any natural gas whatsoever. 
  2. They'll use fear and propaganda for compliance just like they did with COVID.
  3. Once they have you hooked on electricity, they can turn it off and starve you out. 

So sit back and enjoy another episode of Walk in verse reports.

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Walk In Verse  0:03
Welcome to walk in verse, we're gonna expose tyranny and share the truth. So sit back, and enjoy the ride

Walk In Verse  0:14
Hello, welcome back to another episode of Walk in verse reports uncensored. And in  this report, we're going to listen to Ron DeSantis s tate, he will never allow Florida to give up their gas stoves. But what he doesn't say is that the federal government can tax you until you can no longer afford to use your gas stove, or any natural gas whatsoever. Two, they'll use fear and propaganda for compliance just like they did with COVID. And three once they have you hooked on electricity, they can turn it off and starve you out. So sit back and enjoy another episode of Walk in verse reports. Well, all this talk coming out with the Democrats now saying they want to ban your gas stove to the pointed they don't have to, even though Governor Santis of Florida makes a bold statement, because he wants standing as tyranny I respect that. He says one that Florida will never comply, you're not taking our stoves, which is awesome. Number two, the DNC will do everything in their power to remove gas appliances from US citizens, which is also true. And number three, tyrants do whatever they want. Because people will not stand up for the freedoms and these rulers will take everything from you without your permission. With that being said, let's listen to DeSantis speak on this topic.

Ron DeSantis  1:40
Be here. And, you know, I just before we get into the meat of what we're doing, I just want to make it clear to everybody you know, when we say, Don't tread on Florida, or let us alone, we mean that including on your gas stoves. You're not taking our gas stoves away from us, that is your choice. And I know many people who cook a lot do not want to part with their gas stoves. And so we're gonna stand up for that, you know, they float this to try to do and they want to do it. I mean, let's just be honest. And then you start to see the narrative kick into gear, CNN segments saying how it's causing asthma and kids and all this other stuff. And so they start propagating the narrative. But then they got blowback. And so they've kind of had to retreat from it. And now the narrative machine is like, Oh, why are these conservatives talking about gas stoves, they're trying to Stoke, you know, issues. No, you are trying to do it, and we're fighting back. And so, but the bottom line is anything they can get away with, they are gonna get?

Walk In Verse  2:45
Well, I really appreciate what DeSantis has said. There's some things he didn't say. And they are one, this government will tax you until you can't afford anything. So at the end of the day, they don't have to take away your gas stove, they tax into oblivion. So instead, they're gonna create such a high tax on the usage that most people won't be able to afford them anymore. Thus, you're going to be forced into using electric whether you like it or not. And with Biden's new $6.5 billion natural gas tax he imposed is going to increase energy bills across the board. But to help with that pain, they're going to throw you in a kicker of $840 in a tax credit, because after all, you know, they want to make you feel good about getting raped by your elected officials. And because they had this new bill in play, is going to raise everybody's natural gas bill by about 28%. It doesn't only affect your gas stove, if you have a gas water heater, a gas heater, and of course, your gas stove, it'll get to a point where you longer afford to use them, which means that some families will go without heat, hot water and food because you can even retrofit or buy a new electric stove for $840. And never two, they'll use fear and propaganda to force you into compliance, how well they're going to spin a new narrative, how gas stoves caused global warming from the emissions and how they also hurt our children's health. How is that? Well, it causes asthma. Listen to some political pandering from our mainstream media. This is CBS reporting on City's banned natural gas appliances to curb emissions. Take a listen.

MSM  4:22
Tonight the cost of heating your home is going up households that use natural gas will pay about 28% More this winter compared to last year. This comes as the fight against climate change is coming to your kitchen. New research shows emissions from gas stoves are helping to warm the planet. And that's why some cities are now banning them.

Walk In Verse  4:42
Which again, of course is a complete and total lie. We'll get to that here in a minute. But to help further push their deception, they're going to use a communist to force policies from positions of power. Biden, again plays the climate change narrative. It's all about going Green, we got to ban gas stoves to save everybody to save our children, kind of like we did with COVID Right? Oh my God take the vaccine save your children yet what we're seeing is children dropping dead with sudden heart attacks, Myocarditis, which is not normal. And we also know that the shots are detrimental to human health. Anyway, the Biden administration also states the national ban is on the table and his appointee to US Consumer Product Safety Commission is Richard Trumka Jr. and he claims that the gas does have a bad effect for climate change, therefore, they should be banned.

Walk In Verse  5:31
Quote, gas stoves are a hidden hazard. Any option is on the table. Products that can't be made safe can be banned end quote,

Walk In Verse  5:41
but what he's not telling you is that his father was a president of the AFL CIO, and he's also a non communist. This guy, his father had a history of violent union strikes and massive scandals across the board. And he had affiliations with the Communist Party and the DSA, the Democratic socialists of America, in November of 1983. In New York, he received an honor at the Labor Research Association luncheon, which is a front group for the Communist Party USA. In May of 1991, he received the David clendenen Award, which is by the workers Defense League, again, another organization for the Democratic socialists of America. If you believe anything these people say then I don't know what to tell you because we have not learned from the whole COVID Nonsense. We've learned that all they do is spew lies. And then you have another politician, Cory Booker, another Democrat, compulsive liar. This guy is a known pathological liar, who makes claims about being confronted with a notorious Newark drug dealer named T bone who threatened his life and as stated by Mr. Booker T bone was going to bust a cap in his ass. In other words, he was going to put a bullet in it. We'll now listen to Cory Booker's make believe character, T bone,

Cory Booker  7:00
T bone. T bone comes to me after I get elected, and says to me, Cory, Cory, can we go for a ride? And I say, TiVo, your car mine. And I very nervously get into his car. And we drive off of Martin Luther King Boulevard, up South Orange Avenue. And South Orange Avenue is one of them stranger streets in America, because as soon as you punch out of Newark, if suddenly like going from the from in The Wizard of Oz from black and white to Technicolor, and suddenly this is huge homes. In fact, children from Newark parents who live just maybe 100 yards away. Sometimes they'll use false addresses in South Orange or Montclair to sneak their children into the better schools. And those towns have people that fall around these minority children see where they're going home. And then we'll remove them, send them back to New York schools and bill them for the tuition for the time that they took them there. This is a wonderful country we live in. And so we drove into South Orange, and we pull over to the side of the road, and I sit there and T bone tells me you got to get me out of here. And I'm like, okay, T bone. I got some programs and plans. You see, we at that point had gotten the drug deals away from the front of the bill. We at that point had gotten the slumlord convicted in federal court. Miss Jones danced that day.

Walk In Verse  8:16
As you can see, Cory had nothing more than a showman, great actor, maybe a poet, maybe rapper who knows. But the point is, the guy's a great storyteller. When he was caught on this and called out he finally came clean. And he basically admitted that he made the entire thing up T bone wasn't a real person at all. But it was an archetype of a drug dealer thug from Newark. And you have to remember it is these individuals who create legislation on supposedly your behalf. So laws are being passed, which you have no idea is even happening or that you agree to. The reason why I brought up the whole T bone story is because right now Cory Booker now is playing the card that the DNC card of gas stoves are racist to blacks, Latinos, and low income household because they have smaller homes with bad ventilation. Well, I'm calling bullshit here,

Walk In Verse  9:06
quote, these admissions can create a cumulative burden to households that are already more likely to face higher exposure to both indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Walk In Verse  9:16
Well, stoves have nothing to do with outdoor now do they continue on here,

Walk In Verse  9:21
statistics show that black, Latino and low income households are more likely to experience disproportionate air pollution either from being more likely to be located near a waste incinerator or coal ash site or living in a smaller home with poor ventilation, malfunctioning appliances, [plural], mold, dust mites, secondhand smoke, lead dust, [lead], pest [cockroaches] and other maintenance deficiencies end quote,

Walk In Verse  9:51
this has nothing to do with stoves this has everything to do with slum lords, the projects, impoverished areas in which that part of the DNC is take taxes from us and does nothing with it except to put it into their pockets? Why are they helping out these inner cities? They're not they could care less, but they love playing the black and Latino card in order to push their agendas further. Again, that has nothing to do with gas stoves, but of course the letter is co-signed by who senators Dianne Feinstein, Martin Heinrich, another Democrat, Ed Markey, another Democrat, Jeff Merkley, Democrat from Oregon, our wonderful Patty Murray from Washington Democrat or you can call Patty Cakes complete nutjob Elizabeth Warren and other Democrat who thinks she's an Indian, which she isn't. That's another the story. And of course, yours truly, Bernie Sanders and actual communist who loves Castro talked about that and earlier podcast about two years ago. The point being is everything's a lie. It's what the DNC and the political cronies that these people do best lie, lie, lie. All they do is create stories to push agendas, just like Booker did that line their pockets or catapult their careers forward? Nothing they say is true, and nothing they say ever will be true. And when they're confronted, they're going to spin it anyway, because these people accused everybody else for exactly what they're doing. So again, let's be clear. Their claim of a create asthma is false.

Walk In Verse  11:18
In a journal, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Claims gas stoves are hazardous to the health of children and can cause asthma. That's the claim. The who also claimed nitrogen dioxide, which is emitted when gas is burned is a pollutant closely linked to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Again, that's who saying this and the WHO says a lot of things that masks work which we know they do not that the shots work, which we know they do not we also know that they do not stop the Coronavirus at all and yet they lie to push an agenda this is what these people do. Now when comparing gas to electric stoves, there is no finding to support the claim of asthma and gas stoves. To date, there have not been actual proof to the claim.

Walk In Verse  12:06
Quote Daniel Pope professor of Global Public Health at the UK University of Liverpool said that the link between asthma and pollution from gas stoves have yet to be definitely proven and further research was needed. They found negligible effects, mostly non significant of using gas compared to electricity for all health outcomes, including, that's right, asthma. To further back this up. I found a report from 2003. pretty extensive on gas stoves do not lead to asthma. The report is pretty clear.

Walk In Verse  12:44
It says quote, among adults with asthma, there is no apparent impact of gas stoves use on pulmonary function or respiratory symptoms. These results should be reassuring to adults with asthma and their health care providers. PAGE 759.

Walk In Verse  13:00
Another quote out of the same research paper, they say that there is no apparent association between gas stoves use and pulmonary function impairment among adults with asthma. in adults with asthma there was also no relation between gas stoves use and respiratory symptoms. PAGE 760

Walk In Verse  13:19
It goes on and on and on. At the end of the day, the main cause of asthma is attributed to tobacco smoke, it's environmental

Walk In Verse  13:27
quote, There is no evidence that gas stoves exposure adversely affects the respiratory health of adults with asthma. Public policy should be aimed at environmental exposures that have been shown to exacerbate asthma, such as environmental tobacco smoke exposure page 760.

Walk In Verse  13:44
And again, you heard Booker talk about that, oh, my gosh, it's about you know, the poor community, the black, Latinos. Well, they've took that into account in this report, even though they took into account race and income levels it show that even with that gas stoves did not show evidence of causing pulmonary function impairment, individuals with asthma,

Walk In Verse  14:03
quote, gas stove use is widespread among adults with asthma because gas cooking releases respiratory irritants, this exposure has potential to negatively affect the respiratory health of adults with asthma. [So here, they're actually telling you that you know, it could cause it, but however, we continue on with the quote,] We found no evidence of Pulmonary Function impairment among adults with asthma who reside in homes with what a gas stove end quote page 762.

Walk In Verse  14:31
So to sum this up on page 763 of this report, they say it appears unlikely that cooking with gas stoves has contributed significantly to the recent rise in worldwide asthma, morbidity and mortality paid 763.

Walk In Verse  14:48
Again, it just propaganda they feed because nobody listens to logic.

Walk In Verse  14:56
Number three, once they get you hooked on electronics, Electricity and everything else, they're going to starve you out. What I mean by that? Well, even when you have facts, it doesn't matter. Look what happened when we told people about masks and shots. We have told people don't take the shot, don't wear a mask. We showed them research paper after research paper that, you know, the issues that they cause they didn't care. They didn't listen. And then now that they're hooked on it, what are we seeing severe issues with their health? And just like the gas stoves have gone to electric and want to destroy the power grid, which you need to live? They're going to take you out. it's genocide 101. Now, how did they do this? How would they do this? Well, one, Biden gave China access to our power grid, he actually reversed Trump's executive order 13920 13920. It blocked China's ability to access our power grid,

Walk In Verse  15:50
quote, foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities the United States bulk power system, which provides electricity to support our national defense, vital emergency services, critical infrastructure, economy and way of life. The bulk power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against United States and as people, including malicious cyber activities. Because a successful attack on our bulk power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety, I would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies.

Walk In Verse  16:28
So the executive order that Biden reverse, or put a 90 day hold on would stop China or any foreign country or national to take over import, transfer or install any power system in the United States.

Walk In Verse  16:41
Quote, Trump's order prohibited any acquisition importation transfer or installation of any bulk power system electrical equipment transaction by any person or with respect to any property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, where the transaction involves any property in which any foreign country or a national thereof has any interest, including through an interest in a contract for the provision of the equipment end, quote,

Walk In Verse  17:06
Biden just committed treason, he's allowed an enemy to breach our power grid to take it down. Also, we're now seeing attacks on our power grids, and they're deliberate. For example, the Democrat governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper states, the obvious the attacks on the substations were deliberate. Period, whoever did this knew exactly how to take it down at the appropriate time, so they would not get caught. To me, it sounds like an inside job with the government behind it. Take a listen to Ray, tell us how he believes its deliberate.

Roy Cooper  17:41
This was a specific act, the person or persons knew what they were doing and what it took to disable the substation. So what we're going to have to do is to work with state and federal officials. And I think this needs to be a national conversation about the level of security that we have at the substations across the country.

Walk In Verse  18:07
What I find so ironic about his statement is now after years of us telling the government, we need to upgrade our infrastructure, we need to protect it, etc, etc. Only now, after Biden allows China access to our power grid, we need to have a national conversation while is now being attacked. It's kind of like the food shortages, too, right? Have you noticed that how, in the last few months, we have seen factories burned down food processing factories, chickens culled, killed by the millions, fertilizer needed coming in from Canada, overturned on tracks, which is very interesting. Not to mention many other things. But yet now, only right now, because there is an attack in North Carolina. We need to have talks. But here's something that's interesting. On these attacks that we're seeing happening. There's one key thing that connects it all. They're in Democrat run areas. North Carolina, he's a Democrat, Roy Cooper right.

Walk In Verse  19:07
North Carolina Duke Energy Facility at the watery hydro station Ridgeway was breached, someone use firearms to take out the power now they'd have to really know what they're doing to firearms and take it out to basically sit somewhere park somewhere line that take the shots, take it out, and then take off without getting caught, which I find weird because nobody even heard or saw it. Again, like I said the attack was intentional. And in a Democrat run state.

Walk In Verse  19:35
Then right after whoever hit North Carolina, decided to hit Washington state. And that state we know is run by communist Inslee is just a complete sociopath. Backed by Bill Gates, even his daughter works for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I'm not gonna go there right now. I spoke about it in the past, but the point is, it's all connected. And the attack in Washington happened On Christmas Day, $3 million in damage and 15,000 people without power. Interesting, right?

Walk In Verse  20:07
Then like clockwork, in Las Vegas, this time at Democrat run city while no one watched, and of course, no one heard. A guy by the name of Muhammad, who is 34 years old made his move, he crashed through the gates towards his vehicle near a transformer with the intention of destroying it. His mission was over, he did major damage to the solar power substation, because of supply chain issues. I'm saying that because of supply chain, they say it's going to take two years to repair. This substation, which now impacts 13 different properties placed like the MGM Grand Hotel and other things on the strip. So if anyone believes any of these events are coincidental, I have oceanfront property in Arizona, I want to sell you right now.

Walk In Verse  20:54
On one last note, I really need everybody to start thinking for themselves and stop listen to the media. Because as we have seen, these people are actors paid by the government to tell you what you need to hear it's political pandering. That's all the news is today, whether it be Fox, CNN, MSNBC, doesn't matter. There's no conservative news. There's no you know, Democrat news, what we have is Communist propaganda coming from intelligence agencies to mess with your mind to make you believe what they need you to believe. That's why it's called television. TV, right? Tell a vision, they're gonna tell you the vision, they want you to believe in order for you to follow it. So it's time to take a step back, stop listening to people stop complying to these idiots, and start stand up for your God given rights. Freedom is only free, if you're willing to take it. Because if you don't take the freedom that you have given to you, they're not going to afford it to you. That's how tyranny works. So it's time that each one of us comes together and unite and says no more. Yeah, there's more of us in them. And I keep hearing people say that, but it only works if you all stand together as one body and say no more. That's it. It's that simple. So the question is, are you ready to stand and say no more? Or will you continue to have everything taken from you and your children have your loved ones hurt by these monsters as they walked free among us with zero accountability?

Walk In Verse  22:20
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