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S3E22. Death A Constitutional Right In Canada, Thank You MAiD

December 31, 2022 Kevin Season 3 Episode 22
Walk In Verse
S3E22. Death A Constitutional Right In Canada, Thank You MAiD
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In this report, we look at the lunacy surrounding Canada's politics in regards to human life.  Under the regime up North, death is the only option of you're poor,  have a mental illness or suffering.  The world is worse than the days of Noah.

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Walk In Verse  0:03  
Welcome to walk in verse, we're gonna expose tyranny and share the tour. So sit back and enjoy the ride

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Walk in verse reports. In this episode, we're going to look at a program called made up in Canada, where murder is a human right? I came across an article the other day from a Canada and claim that how in Canada, death is a constitutional right. Canada believes that murder is okay. They have a program now that came around around 2016 called made. And the whole premise of it is respect for human dignity allow a person to die how they see fit when they see fit. So basically, if they're in pain and suffering, they can offer themselves whatever they want. It's actually lunacy, more than anything else. And it's so bad that a lawyer who was helping out a woman by the name of Margaret Marcela said this name is Shishir, quote, why the countries have explored extending assisted suicide to minors, those governments have insisted on substantial safeguards, including parental notification and consent. Canada is poised to become the most permissive euthanasia regime in the world, including for minors, and people with other psychiatric illness have an artery removed the foreseeability of death, or terminal illness as an essential condition to access euthanasia or assisted suicide and quote, this is nothing more than genocide. It's one of the steps and extermination in Canada. Deliberate murder a baby has now become mainstream is normalized and how to normalize is by using outliers to push intentional murder of these children. They claim you know, it's for the children because some children are born without part of their brain without a lung or whatever type of defect, when actually those are very rare cases. But it's the rare case that they used to pull the heartstrings of people. And again, it's all about the children. There's a doctor by the name of David Leschi. He's a pediatric palliative care specialist, he says this quote, some babies are born missing the upper layers of their brain, they have a brainstem that will keep their hearts beating, and their lungs breathing. But there is no exception they would ever experience thoughts or emotion or higher brain function. Stop right there. How does he know see God now? Well, apparently in Canada, doctors are the gods. So as a state, let me continue on, quote, we can sometimes keep their body alive for years. But that child would never be able to process the outside world in a cognitive way. And quote, how does he know how many children have you seen were born with the effective the grown to be amazing, you know, human beings. Look at Helen Keller. Under this rule, Helen Keller was executed at birth because she was blind and deaf. They consider her dumb because she went on to do some really great things. The problem we face today is that people no longer have faith in God. They have faith in the medical establishment which we have seen through Coronavirus, never the answer, that's a fraud. So for example, here's again, this doctor saying something out, it's kind of annoying, quote, some families ask if they're going to die at the end of this anyway, maybe three weeks from now. And we don't believe they're going to have a meaningful positive experiences between then and now. Why must we all have to go through a period of waiting? So basically, just just kill the kids is what they're saying. And the thing too, is that it's a play on words we don't believe well don't believe isn't concrete. They don't know. They don't believe that not sure. But hey, you know, let's just wipe out the kids anyway, get rid of them. And you know, it will save tax money, because our felled health care system doesn't work and we'll take the load off by just killing people. It's so bad that most of these programs need informed consent. But a child zero to one years old cannot give you consent. So basically made it just state sanctioned murder, and without the baby's consent a parent can just execute their kids if they don't want them any longer because this child can be a burden to them and their lifestyle. Remember, the whole premise of made was about pain and suffering and a baby can't talk correct. So to them what are the science look out for well think about it a child cries it's colic restless. Wouldn't that be a sign of maybe being in pain so there we get the kill them. And again, this whack job David litski says this, quote, we can take away suffering and we need to look for signs. It's just unbelievable to me that these doctors who took the Hippocratic Oath, don't even believe in the oath they took. And again in Canada, they push even further so not only do they want to kill kids, they finance The brainwashing to kill kids through their activity book. So in Canada, they have an activity book called The main activity book. And it normalizes murder by claiming that when someone can't go on in life because they're twitching pain, they can use made as long as you're 18 years old, quote, a person could only have made it they are at least 18 years old. And if they have a serious illness or disability that hurts their body or their mind, so that it feels too hard to keep on living. And then they go on further normalize lethal injection as a medicine is used to confuse the kids. They're using these activity books. And by the way, the activity books is between six and 12. I think the ages were for the children to partake in this activity, a little booklet that says quote, the person having made will get three different medicines get that when you have a prisoner on death row, they get what multiple injections, one basically induced coma. The other one, I think stops the heart. Exact same thing. This isn't medicine, this is a lethal injection. Quote, there are usually given in an IV, the needle is taken out and the straw can be used to send medicine straight into the person's body in their blood. This is basically Mr. Rogers version of murder. There is no other way of looking at this. And the author is a complete nutjob believes that euthanasia is a healthy medical choice but yet nowhere do they ever mentioned mental health. So the killer has to prove death in Canada under this program are loneliness, poverty or abandonment. Now they're gonna tell you it's not but I'm gonna share some of the a little bit where poverty is actually a reason why doctors sign off on it because rather than have a person being homeless, just whack them, you know, easier that way, right? less strain on their socialized medicine. Anyway, they don't talk about mental health. And when a person is already in a suicidal state death is usually a normal response for them. They want to end their life. And so maybe this makes it that much easier. Rather than get them the help they need. Just let them kill themselves. The entire made program is just another cover for mass extermination. It's the same thing that mount is the same thing that Stalin did. It's the same thing that Hitler did it just a way to reduce population of a certain class of citizens in order to push an agenda and make sure that your goals are achieved. And in this book, we're going to look at some of the sections that are ridiculous. So they try to teach kids in this activity book that death is better than living. They tell kids because medical means science of medication. And assistance means to help. It's okay for the sake to kill you. Quote, a doctor or nurse practitioner, a nurse with special training uses medicine to stop the person's body from working. When the body stops working, the person dies. Isn't that just so sweet? The way they make a sound with it gets explained to a six year old is that it's lethal injection is okay. So rather than find an alternative solution to help ease pain, or a mental problem, just kill yourself inject with this medicine. And when you think about this, what's the difference between murder by a person or murder by the government nothing one sanctioned and consider legal. The other is not. You remember earlier I talked about they had a few things for death, you have to be at least 18 have a serious illness. But again, serious isn't defined. Have a disability that hurts. Well, and disabilities got to hurt I mean God I have gout and when that flares up, it's very painful. So what should I apply for aid and kill myself? Because I can't handle the pain? No, I shouldn't I should find other alternative solutions that are maybe natural. And if medicines don't help except for the ones they inject you can kill yourself. Well we know that medicines don't help because of that medicines or drugs by big pharma. So of course, they're not designed to help you they're designed to kill you. Or there's no cure available again, to find by whom because if we have seen there are cures but they won't make them available. So instead, they want you to kill yourself. I want to listen to this clip though how it's not just about being in pain. If you're in poverty or going to be in poverty, a doctor will sign off to allow you to commit suicide.

Unknown Speaker  9:17  
Aamir far sued has applied for medically assisted dying, known as made, he lives in constant agony due to a back injury but as started the process for end of life because his rooming house is up for sale and he can't find anywhere else to live that he can afford. He barely survives on Ontario Disability Support payments, which are just over $1,200 a month. He doesn't want to die. But being homeless is not an option.

Walk In Verse  9:43  
So as you can see is not just about being in pain and suffering. If you're homeless or going to be in poverty. You can kill yourself and the doctors will also sign off listen to this part now. Our

Unknown Speaker  9:57  
suit meets the criteria for made physical suffering due to disability that cannot be relieved. His doctor who knows our suits real reason for made is his fear of being homeless signed off on the application in August.

Walk In Verse  10:12  
So as you can see made was never about truly suffering and pain. It's about genocide and Troodos Canada. Now, we're going to look at the activity book. And throughout this activity book, they use the word medicine. It's just a tactic as a play on words as propaganda, by using the word medicine, they can soften the blow of premeditated murder. So basically, when you say that someone's fallen asleep, that sounds a hell of a lot better than saying death, or murder. It's all about perception. It's so twisted that they even have the kids answer questions about being in the room with the loved one, when they're injecting them with his lethal toxin. One of the questions was, where do you like to be? The person is having made having made interesting, right interesting choice of words for a kid. And the options for a child to select were in the room with the person nearby, but not in the room somewhere else that feels so familiar, school camp, a friend or family member's home. And then they continue on on another page and ask a question that they want to play with something or have a codebook while the state murders their family members or their loved ones. The question is, if you're going to visit them, what would you like to bring? One option was to hold on to something you feel comfortable with, like a special blanket, jewelry, photo or toy. Another one was to do to help you feel comfortable or to pass a time like read a book crayons, a coloring book or music to listen to? Or would you like to give something to that person? Now how can you give something to somebody who just been injected with a drug that puts them in a coma Estela by the book, the first injection can kill. And then of course, they end with one more lie, quote, remember, that even though the person has died, we can keep their memory close to us by thinking of talking about them, or by doing things that they enjoy or wanted to do, again, that people didn't die, they were murdered. As a society we have completely as a society, we have completely lost our minds. And just like Robert Kane past said, it repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. It really is public brainwashing and misinformation. I don't know how much more people will tolerate. But if you don't stand up now, and start using something called logical thinking, nobody's gonna be left. If you want to download the activity book, the link is in the description of the podcast. If you want to have more information about this topic, you can read the article I wrote on my website at walk in verse.substack.com. Again, thank you for listening. I hope everybody has a wonderful and amazing new year. This is the last episode of this season. And next year, we're going to start new and I'll try to least get out one a week if possible. Worst case scenario two a month, but I am shooting for at least one podcast per week. And I again want to thank everyone for following me and listen to these podcasts. And of course, I want to wish everyone a happy and a wonderful new year going forward in 2023. If there's a topic you'd like me to cover, shoot me an email, or even hit me up on my substack page. Alright everybody, until next year, I'm signing off. If you enjoyed the episode, please consider membership at $5 a month you'll gain access to all past, present and future e reports and books as well as member only content. The link is in the description of the episode. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at walk in verse@protonmail.com  walkinverse@protonmail.com and until next time, keep the faith stay safe and peace