Walk In Verse

S3E21. Merry Christmas, It's Time To Stand

December 25, 2022 Kevin Season 3 Episode 21
Walk In Verse
S3E21. Merry Christmas, It's Time To Stand
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In this report, we look at how many claim they’ll stand against reality, but choose the path of complacency. We can only sit idle long enough until we have nothing left. Those in control will not stop until they put us in our graves.

Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the report.

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Walk In Verse  0:02  
Welcome to walk in verse, we're gonna expose tyranny and share the truth. So sit back and enjoy the ride

Hello, welcome back to another episode of Walk in verse reports. This episode, on this Christmas Day, we're gonna look at a few issues  going on around our country right now. Namely, people saying they're going to stand up and fight to protect the freedom liberties of this  nation, and yet at the end of the day, they turn a blind eye, because they claim it isn't bad enough. So sit back and enjoy the report. Now, I was just thinking, many people today in the United States believe they have something called freedom. They don't. Nor do they have any kind of choice. Because at the end of the day, what we have a two sides of the same coin, it's used to give the perception of freedom, but in reality that freedom is non existent. What's really tiresome is that we sit and fight over the left side versus the right side and what it's really for. It's so that those who pull our strings can win. They know it's a weapon, and the weapons called division here, take a listen.

Unknown Speaker  1:16  
You think you understand political party? Crap? You don't know what the Illuminati is up Republican, or you're Democrat? Why is this easy? It's called divide and conquer. That's why there's two parties and only tilt and the control by the same people at the very top belong to the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger group, they also belong the Trilateral Commission, and you people don't really know what that hell that is. But if you didn't know, you would know that these are the people that control your world by making global policies that you never vote on. And by which parties both serve and belong to these organizations, and control you were. Now here's how it works really easy. Why did concrete you only work that people that are divided, are not aware of the falsely created division. If you're not aware of it, then it works. If you know about it, then it don't work no more. If you have socialism, without capitalism, it becomes communism. If you have capitalism, without socialism, it becomes fascism. And it's just that easy.

Walk In Verse  2:21  
For 1000s of years, tyrants have used the technique of division as a way to control the populace. And they knew that long as people refuse to take a stance that they can with the freedoms without a single shot fired, they can log into a boxcar, one person at a time, didn't have to wipe out entire communities. It's all about propaganda, and brainwashing which we see today. It's so bad now in America that I hear people all the time who claim to be patriots say, when things get bad, we're gonna take a hard stance, or a call to action to the fact that we must fight to save America. But yet, when people hear this, they do nothing. Instead, they turn to say, you have what's down when a time comes. But the issue at hand, is it the time has already passed? It hasn't come? It's gone. On social media, you'll see people make bold claims like will you stand and defend America and fight for it? And the you know, the answer is they're not going to because things are bad. You know, the big pharma companies have killed many people through genocide through experimental vaccination, it's not even a vaccine it's a technology. So here, I want to take a listen to this.

Unknown Speaker  3:29  
As of December 9 of this year Pfizer's COVID-19 mRNA experimental vaccines cause 1713 infants and children, back injuries, and TISA suffer from myocarditis, Pfizer's experimental jab permanently harmed or disabled more than 10,000 kids. These kids are expected to never recover from their injuries. Sadly, this means many of those children may have died. Americans all across the country are horrified by the data, especially when they learned that back in 2020, HHS Secretary Alexander Azar made an amendment to the prep act declaration. Azar declared that the decrease in childhood vaccine vaccinations were a national security threat. Azar also declared that both childhood and adult vaccines were medical counter measures. By doing so this waived all safety, efficacy and manufacturing standards for all vaccine manufacturers. This also waives them of late liability. Now if this all sounds horrifying, it only gets worse. If you take a look at Section 3024 of Obama's Cures Act, parents and guardians no longer have the legal right to become informed regarding ingredients or potential injuries caused by any vaccine. All childhood and a dog vaccines are considered emergency use. This means they may contain mRNA technology and parents might not even know.

Walk In Verse  5:01  
We have watched our family and friends die from the shot. And still nobody does anything. We knew that mask cause problems that harms people's health and did nothing to prevent the spread of a pathogen, but people still wear them regardless is to the point to where even when they're in a vehicle by themselves the wearing masks there's just no logic in this, there's no more critical thinking. And then when you ask them, Why, what do they tell you? I don't know, man, you know, I used to want to rock the boat. Alright, and so you're gonna watch people get killed because you don't want to rock the boat will your complacency is just as bad as a person committing the crime. And it's so bad today that they will allow the children to be abused. They allowed schools, doctors offices or wherever to put illegal mandates on their children, wear a mask, take a shot, don't take a shot, you kicked out of school, don't take a shot. You can't, you know, finish your degree in college. And now we're seeing that, again, even in colleges, that they got huge payouts from big pharma in order to push policy. But the one thing that these mandates did actually prove it prove that the government now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that their trial worked. People will comply without question. It's a success rate that Stalin would be proud because not a single bullet had to be fired. And even with the truth coming out, people are still complying. We're going to head into 2023. And those who took control of our country via coup, is putting Americans in position for complete collapse, we're going to see another so called pandemic, of course, they're gonna say the casualties will be much greater 60 million dead or whatever. But what you need to know is not a pandemic, it's a shot that's going to cause the death. You already seen it now happening, which we talked about two years ago. To help push people over the edge. They're going to push more fear tactics and more fear mongering through hyperinflation and massive layoffs. Homelessness is going to skyrocket to levels, worse than the greater depression. And still, with all this happening, all this truth out there, people refuse to take a hard stance. And when I say hard stance, we're talking about is Athens, Tennessee 1946, They took back control, but I'm not going to tell you but I want you to go and read about and then come back and drop me a comment. But as I sit and think I do have one asked from Santa for this Christmas, and that is this help us all stand united. And end the tyranny once and for all. Actually, I don't care if you're straight, gay, Jewish, black, white, Christian, atheists, Mexican, Italian, or even Chinese. I don't care. All I care about is we stand as one people, no more bantering about left versus right. And this year to come in 2023. It's about the people the world versus genocide by corrupt governments, Big Pharma, and elite billionaires who control congressional policy without any legal basis. And I'm telling you now, if we don't stand now, it's game over. I do love you all, and I wish everyone the best Christmas. If you enjoy the episode, please consider membership at $5 a month you'll gain access to all past, present and future e reports and books as well as member only content. The link is in the description of the episode. If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email at walk in verse@protonmail.com walkinverse@protonmail.com and until next time, keep the faith stay safe and peace.